Black as Night movie posters and images

Release date:
Asjha Cooper, Frabizio Guido, Mason Beauchamp, Abbie Gayle, Craig Tate, Keith David
Directed by:
Maritte Lee Go
Produced by:
John Brister, Terra Mair Abroms, Adan Orozco, Paul B. Uddo
Written by:
Sherman Payne
Music by:
Jacques Bridal Bar
United States

A homeless man named Marvin is attacked by vampires while searching for cans.

Shawna is a teenaged girl who lives with her big brother Jamal and her father Steven. Her mother, Denise, is a drug addict who lives at the Ombreaux, a housing project which is now slated to be torn down so the site can be used for mixed-use development. Shawna goes to visit Denise at the Ombreaux, passing the street preacher Babineaux who is leading a protest against the Ombreaux's destruction; Shawna thinks the protest is a waste of time and does not get involved. When Shawna reaches Denise's apartment, Denise begs Shawna for drug money and reveals that she still has a silver locket with photographs of their family. Afterwards, Shawna sees her crush Chris at the Ombreaux, and she also hears beastly noises coming from within a boarded-up apartment.