Finch movie posters and images

Release date:
Tom Hanks, Caleb Landry Jones
Directed by:
Miguel Sapochnik
Produced by:
Craig Luck, Daniel Maze, Kevin Misher, Ivor Powell, Jack Rapke, Miguel Sapochnik, Robert Zemeckis
Written by:
Craig Luck, Ivor Powell
Music by:
Gustavo Santaolalla
United States

Tom Hanks is Finch, a man who embarks on a moving and powerful journey to find a new home for his unlikely family—his beloved dog and a newly created robot—in a dangerous and ravaged world.

Ten years have passed since a massive destroyed the , turning the planet Earth into a largely uninhabitable wasteland ravaged by extreme weather events while being scorched by the , increasing temperatures to 150 degrees Fahrenheit (70 degrees Celsius). One of the few survivors, robotics engineer Finch Weinberg, lives alone with his dog Goodyear and a helper-robot Dewey in an underground laboratory once owned by the company he worked for before the cataclysm. Finch only ventures outside to search for supplies wearing a protective suit.